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fqi gallery location Man and woman drinking white wine on the patio with a water fountain and garden behind them breakfast detail cocktail Couple looking into each others eyes and smiling out on the balcony with the town of St. Augustine in the background frenchquarterinn gallery gif Man pouring wine into woman's glass, olive and nut tray on the table a living room with a fireplace couple drinking mimosas in their bath robes on the hotel balcony King bed room fqi gallery roomscan Headboard and nightstand St Phillips Church View a lobby bar with tables and chairs fqi gallery servicesawards meeting room with black leather chairs fqi fitness studio 021 hr aerial shot of charleston Couple smiling and riding bicycles on the street a courtyard with tables and chairs Couple walking out of the French Quarter Inn with shopping bags  Double Queen Headboard person fluffing pillow on bed Double Queen Suite Couple laughing and sitting in a carriage meeting room with black tables Desk nook and Terrace View Double Queen Room Downtown Charleston Champagne on the Terrace Couple dressed up, holding champagne glasses Coffee bar Terrace Fountain Suite Living Area a hotel exterior